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Antenna 3 La Bustarella Video ===> DOWNLOAD

Antenna 3 La Bustarella Video ===> DOWNLOAD

Category:Italian comedians Category:Living people Category:Year of birth missing (living people)Nicola Sturgeon has condemned an attempt by Boris Johnson to re-write the Brexit deal to benefit Northern Ireland, warning it would be “catastrophic” to the border. The SNP leader insisted the SNP would never accept it as part of the referendum. Ms Sturgeon used a debate in the Scottish Parliament to make her opposition clear after Mr Johnson said Northern Ireland would get to “keep some bits of the backstop” if Westminster delivered a new deal. It came after the UK leader said the EU could agree to drop the Northern Ireland backstop “in a twinkling”, meaning Northern Ireland will remain in the customs union and part of the single market. Ms Sturgeon said: “The people of Northern Ireland voted, overwhelmingly, to have their voice heard. We will never accept the border in the Irish Sea that Mr Johnson seems to want to set up. “It is not right that the people of Northern Ireland should be dragged out of the EU against their will and put in the position of choosing between EU membership and being told they need to choose between the UK and Ireland. “I think it’s fair to say that any set of words which would see the people of Northern Ireland torn between the UK and Ireland is a non-starter.” Ruth Davidson told Ms Sturgeon the SNP could not dictate the UK’s future, referring to the Edinburgh Agreement that saw the setting up of the Scottish Parliament after the 2014 independence referendum. She said: “We were there when they signed up. They were not Scottish first time around, so they signed up. “In that agreement were they were asked to, as they were later asked, to change things if it suited us. “They can ask the people of Northern Ireland now to change things. If they ask, the people of Northern Ireland can be sure that it will be for their benefit. “They can’t ask Scotland to change our shape to suit them, because we’re not the same. “It’s not about dictating terms but about asking for nothing more than what we want, we can’t dictate terms, we can only ask for what we want.” Ms Sturgeon reiterated her position that she wants the UK to



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