I want to tell you about...magic

I want to tell you about what I write.

Magic Realism Romance.

Her name conjures up images of inky night skies freckled with bursts of colour, delightful first kisses replete with sparks and pops, and lush green landscapes enriched with strange and curious creatures.

All the cool poetry cats have a name for this gem: conceit — a comparison of two things that are radically and startlingly unalike.

But we story-weavers like to do things a little differently. Instead of comparing two unalike things, we mash them together — the magical, mystical and fantastical mixed up with the ordinary — until it’s hard to tell the difference. And just to make it really interesting, we blend it all with romance and we are left with this wonderful, delicious concoction of story-lines and happenings that will have you, the reader, believing that life may just possess something more, something tingly, warm and intangible.

Magic Realism Romance takes real life and turns it into this:

or this:

See what’s happening?

I take reality, add some magic, and the product is SO MUCH BETTER.

I love this genre!

Magic realism romance takes those chance little miracles of everyday life, real or make believe, and illuminates and embellishes them.

Magic realism romance takes those most wished about wishes, most dreamed about fancies, and brings them to life, seamlessly, so you no longer can tell where reality ends and the magic begins.

Magic realism romance takes what already is a beautiful genre and lifts it to new heights, to different realms. It offers you, the reader, MORE! And me, the writer, the chance to explain the unexplainable, materialise the unbelievable, and create the unimaginable, all within a setting we are both familiar with.

So who’s with me?


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