Hit by cupid's arrow, straight through the cupcake

When Beachwalk Press Inc. announced the submission call for an anthology featuring psychics, my head was filled with ideas. My mother is a psychic (card & tarot reader), and I’ve certainly had my own share of ‘intuitive’ experiences, so it’s a subject I’m familiar with.

The old adage of ‘write what you know’ isn’t one to be ignored, nor is the opportunity to write about a subject that’s close to my heart.

So Cupid and Cupcakes was brought to life, starring Penny, who is a much better baker than I’ll ever be and is way more talented at matchmaking than I’ve ever been.

And, let's be honest, I’m not sure there are many more delicious combinations than

romance and cupcakes.

Mix a modern-day cupid with a hot-as-hell hero, smother with a thick layer of buttercream, and the result is a sticky, sweet, and utterly satisfying mouthful of a story.

Cupid and Cupcakes

In a snowy, sleepy town is a quaint cupcake shop. People travel from miles away to visit this sugar-scented store because they think it's magical. They're not entirely wrong. But it isn't the shop, or the cupcakes it sells, that's magical…it's the owner.

Penny loves her little store, but people don't visit Cupid and Cupcakes solely for her cakes. They have an ulterior motive—they're seeking love. Penny is a matchmaker, a modern-day cupid, and she's great at it. Never wrong. Unfortunately, Penny's gift doesn't work where her own love life is concerned. That is until Jonathon reappears in her life. He's her best friend's brother, utterly wrong for her, and completely off-limits. Or is he?

You will find Cupid and Cupcakes sitting alongside six other fantastic stories in…

Psychic Seductions

When it comes to love, sex, and seduction, these psychics break all the rules. Seven sexy stories and seven gifts of insight that will make you a believer.

Cupid and Cupcakes - excerpt

Penny had started up the hall to her room when the bathroom door opened and plumes of steam rolled out, followed by Jonathon. Dressed only in a towel. She stopped dead in her tracks. His hair was wet and hanging loosely around his ears and neck. Goodness, Jonathon had definitely grown up. His skin was tanned and taut; the muscles in his chest, arms, and shoulders thieved her attention. The way his towel hung loosely on his hips, barely covering what was hidden underneath, made her heart beat faster. He was…hot. Jonathon was hot. This couldn’t be right.

Whoa, back up, Penny. You cannot be perving on your best friend’s brother. That had to cross a billion best friend boundaries. Uncrossable boundaries. This was Jonathon. Ratty, bratty, sexy-as-hell Jonathon.

She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths.

“Everything okay, Pen?” came his deep voice. Deeper than she remembered it being. It sizzled through her veins, igniting her insides. Her belly squeezed just hearing his voice.

Penny opened her eyes and made certain she looked only at his face. Not at that delectable body. If the front of him was that good, she could only imagine what his back and ass…oh dear God. She couldn’t help but look—he was so strong and toned. Eyes, Penny, his eyes. She forced her gaze to find his face again and swallowed hard. “Absolutely fine. Just a dizzy spell. I think I’m tired.”

He strode to her, reached out, and held her elbow. She tried not to breathe in the scent of bubbles and clean, male flesh, or revel in the warmth pouring from him, coaxing her own skin.

“You sure? You look a little pale.”

Penny forced a smile. “I’m fine. Once I get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable...” Oh, dear, did I seriously just say that? Now she was picturing herself naked and Jonathon naked. Both naked…together. Breathe, Penny, breathe. “I mean, I smell like my cupcake shop still...”

He grinned. “You smell delicious.”

Her eyes widened.

“When am I going to get to try one of your cupcakes?”

Was that a euphemism? Of course not. He was being completely literal here. She blinked and watched a droplet of water run down the side of his face, down his stubbled, square jaw. Talk, Penny. “Um…tomorrow. Come downstairs tomorrow and I’ll give you a taste…of, um, my cupcake.” She shook her head. “I mean, a cupcake.”

He nodded and grinned again, those flashing dimples carving lines in his cheeks. “Look forward to it.” He released her elbow and headed to his room.

Penny sucked in a deep breath and continued to her own room.

It was Jonathon. Yes, she found him attractive. Very attractive. Any warm-blooded female would. But it meant absolutely nothing.

1. because he’s Jonathon.

2. he’s her best friend’s brother.

3. …um.

What was she talking about again?

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