Ellen Cummins talks about her love of the supernatural and extraordinary

When it comes to love, sex, and seduction, these psychics break all the rules. Seven sexy stories and seven gifts of insight that will make you a believer.

What drew me to this anthology?

When I heard about Beachwalk's psychic anthology, I got very excited! This kind of thing was right up my alley. I love anything supernatural and extraordinary, and to be honest, I'm slightly obsessed with super-heroes and comic book characters. I could only wish to walk through walls, fly through the air, and read thoughts like they do. If I could choose one psychic power or superhuman gift, it would be to move things with my mind. I find the idea of it absolutely intriguing.

Lucky for me, I had a story I'd written a few years ago about a young girl who was telekinetic. She was homeless—an outcast because when she touched people she burned them, and nobody could stand to be near her. The electric charge she emitted was just too painful. It wasn’t ready for publishing, so Mote Highway stayed locked deep inside my plethora of digital documents waiting for the day I had time to clean it up. The moment I decided I wanted to make a submission for this cool anthology project, I unearthed it and made my female character older and sexier. Holly became a buxom woman of substance instead of a lost teenager, but still desperate to find a way out of the lonely and isolated life she'd been living. My male character Jacob grew up too. (in a big way) So I renamed it Taming Fury, befitting its new sizzling content—and it's so much deeper than the original tale I'd written long ago.

Holly is a mind-moving Fury who electrifies all human flesh she touches. Even her own family has sent her packing. She moves things with her mind, manipulating fire with the flick of her finger, but she burns for the one thing that has never been an option for her—love.

When she catches sight of the handsome man helping her new neighbor move in she longs to take a chance and introduce herself...to pretend to be normal just once. It could easily end in disaster, but surprisingly, when she shakes his hand, no mind-blowing electrocution follows, and she begins to hope. But it turns out that her touch has affected Jacob in a way she never imagined, and it will change his life forever.

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Still walking forward, Holly closed her eyes and reached for the damp motes of dust from the earth, gathering them in her fist while static electricity buzzed inside her gut. A tiny electric current snaked the length of her arm, starting from the back of her neck. The tug rolled from her fingers to the empty beer can on the ground near a small garbage can on the sidewalk. Up, she willed. Reaching, she willed it to rise, sure that no one would see this small thing. It slowly lifted a few inches above the ground and hovered. She swished her hand, slamming the aluminum can into the trash. Her mind was a powerful thing. And this one tiny action would suffice for now.

She burst through the door of the building, adrenaline fueling her courage. Mr. Perfect snapped his head up from his paperwork at the sound of the door slamming against the wall.

“Hi.” He swallowed, taking her curves in with his eyes. “How may I help you?”

The urge to surge had subsided. But the need to know this man had not. She stared at his chiseled cheekbones, strong jaw, and molten brown eyes from across the room. If she got too close, he’d be repelled by her like the opposite end of a magnet. To push this perfect stranger away would kill her. But the loneliness had to stop.

“My name is Holly. And you are...” She waited, pursing her lips together to hold back the thoughts that wanted to tumble out of her mouth. Please don’t run from me.

“I’m Jacob.” He smiled and started toward her with his hand out to shake hers.

“Stop,” she ordered.

He stopped. Confused, his brows lifted.

“Please don’t come any closer.” She placed her hand on her throat. “I have a little virus…nothing too terrible, but I may be contagious.” She removed her hood and adjusted her collar that was beginning to cut off her air supply. “How do I go about signing up for some personal training?”

“Well, Holly.” He smiled widely. “Personal training requires some up-close and personal contact, and if I have to stay seven arms’ lengths away…” He took another step toward her. “May I? I’m not afraid of a few germs.”

She cringed and stepped back. Her courage was fading fast. Jacob’s cellphone rang in his pocket and he pulled it out, clicking the ON button. He put it to his ear.

“Hello?” His eyes darted back to Holly’s. “I’m with a client right now, can I call you back?”

This was a very good sign.

About Ellen

Ellen Cummins grew up in the heart of California chasing adventures in the sun. One of her obsessions has always been movies and books that take on an unexpected twist, leaving her with her heart in her throat. She wears many hats—a mother and wife, retail sales girl and manicurist of nearly 30 years, and unexpectedly a writer. Suddenly at the age of 40, an idea popped into her head and she began feverishly pecking away at the computer creating characters and worlds that she soon became obsessed with. From that point on she fought for them to have their own day in the sun inside the minds of others. Her love of pretty things, be it a pink sparkly purse or a giant and mysterious Clematis bloom, inspires her to write colorful characters and haunting love stories that might make your soul just a little sweeter knowing them.





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