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When destiny knocks, do you invite it in?

When a spell book lands on Ariana’s doorstep, her world is thrown into turmoil. That’s nothing new for her, except this time it involves bizarre and terrifying creatures who attempt to kill her. Then there’s the little fact that she now has the ability to perform magic.

Hadeon is another new addition in her life. He happened to drop in at the same time the spell book appeared. He’s dark, sexy, and alpha as hell, and Ariana doesn’t know if she wants to kill him or love him.

But all this chaos is nothing compared to what destiny has in store for her. A future is promised of royalty and immense power, palaces and undying love. But hers is a destiny that is not easily won. She will have to fight to the death against those who want to take it all for themselves. And when the real battle begins, just who the true enemy is will surprise everyone.

Content Warning: contains explicit language, sex scenes, and some violence.

Book Title: Lust Born Author: Jacquie Underdown Genre: Fantasy Romance

Available now world-wide for 99c USD


Ariana knows she should just forget all about Hadeon, about this curiosity he has stirred, but she can’t help herself. She leans against the brick wall. He stands in front of her. They are alone.

“What’s your problem?” she hisses, once she has his full attention. Ariana wants to change her style of handling this situation the moment her question leaves her mouth, but she has never had much tact. Besides, she can’t very well come out and say hey, I’ve had this weird lust thing happening my whole life and I think you have it too without sounding batshit crazy.

He breathes in and out heavily. “And what problem are we talking about?”

“You. Following me with those eyes all night. Staring at me. You’re distracting. I couldn’t focus on my job. What are you trying to do, get me fired?”

The smallest of smirks curls the corners of his lips. “I thought you were watching me.”

Heat rises in her cheeks. “You thought wrong.”

He places his palms against the wall on both sides of her head. He leans in close, so close she can smell him—a primal, musky scent of pure man mingling with clean-pressed clothing and cologne. His eyes are molten as they burn into hers. Her lips part and her body gravitates toward him. She is stupefied by this giant of a man; this brute with dark whiskers and imposing height and breadth.

Voice low and as rough as gravel, he says, “I was keeping an eye on you. Making sure you were being treated right.”

She shakes her head and lowers her gaze, trying to break the trance. She dares to look at him again. “I can take care of myself.” But her words lack any emphasis.

His face draws nearer still. Her knees weaken and she has to hold the wall for balance.

“So you can agree to stop,” she says, words punctuated by shallow breaths.

“No,” he says.

“You’re an asshole.” Ariana presses her palms against his chest to push him away. But his chest is so hard, defined, and warm. She can’t stop touching him and can’t bring herself to push him away either.

“And you’re stubborn and rude,” he says, his features tainted with irritation and lust, always lust, dark and deep.


“Stop talking,” he growls, and his lips find hers.

Ariana’s mouth opens and allows his warm, silken tongue to taste her. He pushes her back, harder against the wall, with his burning, rigid body. Every one of her muscles softens. Nerve endings sizzle.

Hadeon cups her face and deepens their kiss. She sighs into his mouth and curves her pelvis, finding his stone-hard arousal. The size of him steals her breath. Pleasure finds her deep in her stomach. She has wanted to do this to him all night long.

But then her brain clicks and switches gears. She barely knows this man, and one thing she doesn’t do is get into heavy situations with strange men, regardless of how irresistible they are. Lust transforms into incredulity, and she finds the strength to use those palms on his hard chest and push him away. His mouth releases from hers with a pop and she swears she can see strange, bright bubbles of light exploding between them. She ignores them as a rage tumbles through her, and she slaps his face.

Her chest is heaving and hands are shaking from the desire and rage she feels. Rage, because for some ridiculous, bizarre, and absurd reason she wants him to be different from every other male who can’t see past her sexuality enough to discover the walking, talking person who exists beneath it all.

With complete bewilderment, she looks into his hard face and wonders why. She barely knows him. Why the hell would she want him to be more? She has never wanted, nor expected more, ever.

Hadeon backs away, lips curling into a snarl. He shakes his head, the expression of disappointment so loud it vibrates through her soul. But is it disappointment for how she reacted, or disappointment in himself? Most definitely the latter.

He spins and marches away, leaving her in the dark alley alone with her thoughts and writhing confusion.

What the hell just happened?

Ariana uses the darkness and silence to collect herself. Yes, she told him to back away, but why that look on his face? As though by kissing her he’d broken all the rules.

Available now world-wide for 99c USD

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