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The reason I become a writer in the first place is to share the observations and insights that I gain during life, but in an entertaining way. Anyone who has read my work, and has recognised the deeper themes that run through the stories, will be aware of this. My novels are not intended to be lessons like the moral fables of old, but more so, explorations of the circumstances and psyches of everyday human beings.

The more stories I pen, the more I have to grow as not only a writer but a person. If I remain stagnant in my self-exploration and transformation, my books will all be variations of the same thing. That’s the last thing I want. So, to circumvent this, I live, self-improve, and read and listen widely to non-fiction between every story I write.

I’ve just finished writing my latest novel, a young adult fantasy romance titled After Life. This novel was no easy task; in fact, After Life sat dormant for many many months because I didn’t know how to finish it. I hadn’t learnt the life lessons required to write the story in the way it needed to be written. While I uncovered the necessary material for that story, I wrote another book—a process that could only be described as an inspired frenzy of writing that resulted in a contemporary romance called Catch Me a Cowboy. The title is flimsy, but what’s inside are some deeply emotional truths about trust and past hurts impinging on present day life, disguised as a fun, light-hearted romance. I already possessed the baggage required for that story, so it flowed easily.

Once I finished Catch Me a Cowboy, I planned to write another story, but After Life began calling again. And along came the long awaited theme. When one meditates, one can become incredibly aware of thoughts in a way that perhaps couldn’t be achieved without it. I had personally had an insight because of meditation that I needed to share. And that insight is our ability to interact socially with people on a level that can only be described as false. Not a hurtful false way, but in a self-preservation way. We show certain sides of ourselves we know will be accepted by others so a friendship can be earned and maintained.

That’s fairly apparent. We are all different people at work than to the person we are at home and to the person we are with strangers. But it goes even deeper than that. We also interact with ourselves in a false way. I discovered that I ‘truthfully’ felt a certain way about a topic or person or circumstance, and would lie to myself and say that I believed a different way. It was a confronting realisation to learn that I lied even to myself, but it uncovered truths I would never have before allowed. Truths that I was then able to explore further.

So, After Life was born, and the theme was present the entire way through. After Life explores how people hide behind many masks to either hide what they are told isn’t likeable about themselves, or to relate more to others. After Life is a story about what happens when the masks are taken off and the raw but real person beneath is exposed.

I can’t wait to show you this story. I’ll be sure to let you know once I have news about contracts and release dates.

Catch Me a Cowboy will be released in August 2016 (tentative release date).


Jacquie xxx

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