Female appeal

Of late, I’ve been reading, listening to audio-books and podcasts, and watching various movies. I’m in the in-between-books stage of writing, and inspiration hasn’t struck me for my next story-line. In other words, I’m getting my feelers out, trying to touch potential inspiration sources.

I read and re-watched Fight Club, which is a fantastic story and movie. I watched the new Victor Frankenstein movie, again a marvelous movie. I’ve been listening to Tim Ferriss podcasts, and I am reading a book called A Little History of Philosophy. All entertaining in their own ways.

But there is something every single one of these things have in common—almost complete male representation. Incredibly masculine. In the movies, one woman dotted the all-male landscape and her only reason for being in the story-line was to have sex with. A Little History of Philosophy, so far, is all men. Yes, it’s a reflection of our male dominated history—I get that. But it’s time that changes, and I don’t believe it is changing quickly enough and to the extent it needs to.

The final nail in the coffin for me was a blog post by Tim Ferriss where he recently wrote about his disinterest in monogamy. How he desires to be with many partners rather than have a single romantic partner. Now I’m sure there are some women out there who believe monogamy is not the way forward, but that’s not the point.

The point is, I’m so very tired of only hearing the ‘male’ perspective. I’m exhausted by my information stream being dominated by the ‘male’ point of view. I want to know what women think, from a feminine angle, devoid of male influence. I want to hear female voices equally dominating the literary landscape, podcast airwaves, and movie world.

So here is my suggestion, if you are female, and you have a voice and an idea of how to share that voice—please do it. Please be loud in the universe. There is at least fifty per cent of the population that need to hear you. We, as women, NEED representation. Not just as visual ornaments, or to be fucked, but as intelligent, creative, thinking, and doing humans.

I’ll leave you with a question that I’ve been pondering of late. I’ve had inklings of a story-line, but it involves delving into the truly feminine psyche, our needs and desires. But I was stumped, because after thousands of years of wading through a masculine world, I wondered what femininity truly is. If we could wipe away the thousands of years of oppression, suppression, torture, rape, burning, lack of education, control, ownership, dictation, slut-shaming, and objectification (to name a few)—what would we find? What is the truth at our core that makes us truly feminine?

If you know the answers, please share them.

Jacquie xxx

P.S. I gave it a good hard go in one of my stories to show a world where women had equal, if not more, power and representation than men. I'd love to hear what you think of Lust Born.

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