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For those of you have read my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I read non-fiction widely and listen to a myriad of podcasts for inspiration for my writing. I have chased rabbits down some crazy deep holes as a result. Thankfully, I have a wonderful, close friend who has very similar interests to me, and when we catch up, we talk for HOURS AND HOURS about it all.

My most recent catch-up session, my friend was telling me about an experiment performed on water. I’d seen it before, a couple of years ago, and thought it amazing. You can see a short video here:

In a nutshell, words, pictures, and music were shown, said or played to water of varying emotion – from death calls and hate to love and gratefulness. The water was then frozen, and the individual crystals were observed under a microscope. The crystals exposed to negative intentions froze in an ill-formed ugly shape. Those crystals exposed to positive emotion froze in exquisitely beautiful shapes.

My friend said one thing I didn’t think about when I first watched the video. She asked, “What is the majority of our body made up of?”


But, if we want to go even deeper, water and bodies, in their simplest forms, are energy. And the experiment showed that intention can change the shape of energy.

She then said, “So what happens to our bodies when we constantly bombard it with negative, hateful thoughts like ‘you’re fat,' ‘you’re ugly’?”

The answer to that is fairly self-explanatory.

So when you catch yourself talking bad about your body in the mirror, be kind instead. Saying loving things, think grateful thoughts. And when you catch yourself talking nasty to others, be kind instead.

Be kind.

You have the power to make yourself and others beautiful.

And even if the water experiment is nothing but bullshit, we are intuitive enough to know that kind thoughts feels better. So let's be kind anyway.

Jacquie xx

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