Ten fun facts about Unstitched

1. Unstitched is the fourth book I had published, but it is a much worked version of the very first book I ever wrote. In its life, it has experienced about fifteen complete rewrites, not to mention edits and the like.

2. The title of Unstitched was originally 927. I know, right? What was I thinking? But there is actually a story behind that number. It’s my number. I see it everywhere, and I have seen everywhere since I was a young girl. It felt fitting to make it my title, as though the universe was telling me to make it so. Glad I got over that. However, I did use it within the book. If you know where, let me know. ;)

3. The second title for Unstitched after 927 was Perennial. It was fitting, I just thought it really wasn’t catchy enough.

4. Anthea, the female lead character in Unstitched had a name change (her original name was Libby). And so has Brendt (he was originally Aaron). Lucas has remained Lucas throughout all rewrites.

I5. Inspiration for the original concept of this book came from the desire to show readers the most beautiful, heart-warming, exquisite kind of love. And I didn’t believe that, in my heart, that kind of love could be found on this planet in this current time period. So I thought outside the box in order to make it happen.

6. Unstitched has had two different endings during its lifetime. One where Brendt wins. And one where Lucas wins. If you haven’t read the book, I won’t tell you which one I went with for the published story.

7. After giving my mother one of the original printed manuscripts – 300 A4 pages wrapped in a rubber band – she placed it on the roof of her car, forgot about it and drove off through the Brisbane City. After realizing what she had done, she pulled over and, blessedly, the manuscript was still sitting on the roof of her car.

8. Roslyn, Anthea’s best friend in the story, was originally named Rebecca. However, in a competition to promote one of my other books, a lady won the right to have her name used as the character’s name. So Rebecca became Roslyn. Roslyn also turns out to be my mother-in-law’s name, which made it kind of awkies.

9. Unstitched will forever remain my most favourite book. And it it the first book I wrote for a New-adult audience.

10. I have never read a book like Unstitched, nor encountered the same reasons for Unstitched’s love triangle. Let me know if you have.


RRP $2.99

A new adult story about what happens when you meet the perfect guy at the worst possible time.

Anthea has loved him since her earliest memory, but she has no idea who he is, or if he even exists. But her heart belongs to him, and no one else can ever take his place. That is until she stumbles into Lucas, lead singer of Perennial. He is sexy as hell, passionate, and, most importantly, knows the answers to questions that Anthea has always had.

Lucas knows he is different from other guys – but Anthea is different to other girls. He is drawn to her, craves her, needs her. He also has secrets, secrets that will tear Anthea apart. He needs to share them, but to share them could end their relationship, and Lucas isn’t willing to take that risk. But secrets have a way of coming out, and Lucas can’t stay forever.

Theirs is a passion that is meant to last forever, but time isn’t always quite so linear…

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