A little sun and sand to make you forget it's winter

In Australia it's winter, and the weather is getting cold. Though, in Queensland where I'm located, I'm sure those of you from colder regions of the world might laugh that I think 18 C is cold.

Whether your weather is hot or cold, there's always a time for sun and sand and hot hot love! Wouldn't you agree.

My publisher has kindly reduced the price of PIECES OF ME to a low low price of $1.99 for a short time only.

It's all about the love, the gritty sand between your toes, the salt on your lips and the sexy sexy heat warming your skin.

You can find it at all e-tailers world wide.

Praise for PIECES OF ME: 'Very good book another one that I couldn't put down. I read it completely through in a couple of days! Great work.' — Jennier Durham, Netgalley

Use the e-tailer links below to download your copy and start reading now.

A story about starting fresh, letting go, and risking it all for love…

For Hannah, Mercy Island is a refuge, a new beginning, and a place to find safety in her own skin. Here, in this peaceful, beachside place, she will rediscover all those pieces of herself her abusive ex stole away. For Bear, Mercy Island is a prison, a backwater, a place he can’t wait to escape. Away, in the city, he’ll chase his dreams and lose the bad memories haunting him.

When Hannah's home is damaged in an ugly storm, Bear offers his handyman services to repair it—a last job and a pretty girl to pass the time before he heads out. But Hannah is terrified to lose herself in another relationship, and Bear isn’t in it for the long haul.

However, their simmering sexual attraction refuses to be ignored, and just because love isn’t on the line doesn’t mean sex isn’t on the table. A no-strings-attached brief fling to curb the tension and take the edge off. No ties. No emotions. No pain.

But love has a way of coming in the windows, even when you’ve slammed the door, if only Hannah and Bear can stop looking to the past and find hope in their future.

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