Bittersweet cover reveal

The journey writing this novel through to eventual publication has lived up to the title--bittersweet. But after receiving a three-book deal for the Brothers of the Vine trilogy to which Bittersweet is the first book in the series, it has been worth every struggle.

I can proudly say that my cover encapsulates the hopefulness and eventual joy the characters find at the end of this story.

So without further hesitation, here is my gorgeous cover for Bittersweet.

A vineyard, a family in pain, and the healing magic of cupcakes...

Amy Jenkins, a talented and ambitious chef, is left humiliated and debt-ridden, after her city restaurant fails. When her best friend calls asking for help in her small town cupcake shop, Amy jumps at the chance to hide out in the small town of Alpine Ridge while her shattered ego mends.

The youngest Mathews brother, Tom feels over-looked and under-appreciated. His brothers remember every mistake, but never give him the responsibility or opportunity to take his place in the family business. So, he spends three weeks out of every month working at a mine in the back-end of nowhere. But then Amy moves to town to help run his pregnant sister-in-law’s bakery, and suddenly home seems to be where his heart is.

Amy’s move was only ever meant to be temporary, but when tragedy strikes the Mathews family, Amy finds herself unable to move on. As she and Tom get closer, Amy finds every excuse to stay: first, she claims it’s for the family, then she claims it’s for the shop. But maybe, it’s for her own heart...

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Release date 20 January 2018

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