A glimpse of The Sweetest Secret

As the release day ( 4 June 2018) for The Sweetest Secret approaches, I'm excited to share with you a glimpse of this sweet, romantic story. Read along as Sam and Ellie start to realise the passion that underpins their interactions. I hope you enjoy!

The Sweetest Secret


Sam caught Ellie’s eye as he took a seat beside her, his shoulder touching hers.

‘Hi,’ she said, already tingling in reaction to his close proximity and the warmth that spilled from him in great currents.

His coffee eyes met hers, winked. ‘Having a good time?’

She smiled. ‘I am.’

‘Glad to hear it,’ he said bumping his shoulder against hers, giving her an understanding of the strength behind this man and how all that muscle would feel on top of her. Her breaths were thin.

‘How’s business?’ he asked. ‘Amy said you hired an assistant?’

Ellie inhaled, needing the oxygen. ‘I did. Everything is running so much smoother. Thanks for the suggestion.’

‘No worries. So any more excited customers?’

She shook her head and grinned. ‘Gareth might be a one-of-a-kind.’

His focus dropped to her lips. He licked his own. Her next breath in was deep and short. ‘How long have you had your piercings?’

So that’s where he was looking. ‘My nose since just after high school and my lip after …’ she was going to say after her relationship with her ex ended, but Sam didn’t need those details, so she said, ‘before I started to travel.’

He nodded. ‘Another reactionary decision made after a breakup?’ He finished with a grin.


‘I like it.’ His gaze lingered on her tiny diamond stud. ‘A lot.’

Oh god, there was that mesmerisation again. Ellie’s breaths shortened.

The rest of the table erupted into laughter at someone’s joke. The rabble of noise snapped Ellie from her stupor. She sat up straighter and cleared her throat when she realised she had drifted closer to him. ‘Thank you. It hurt like hell.’

Sam arched a brow. ‘Any others?’

A grin curled her lips. What a flirt. She was almost ashamed to disappoint him. Sure, she was adventurous, but it only went so far. The thought of getting nipples or, god forbid, her clitoris pierced was horrible. ‘No.’

He nodded evenly, eyes firmly on hers.

‘What about you?’

His lips offered a flash of lopsided boyishness. A gorgeous dimple carved a deep groove in his cheek. ‘No piercings.’

‘Hmmm. No piercings. Specifically. So I’m guessing a tattoo, perhaps?’

He reached for his beer and drank, eyes never leaving hers, even as he placed it back on the table. ‘Perhaps.’

Her stomach tightened, a warm rush of blood and lust swamping her centre. Her teeth grazed her bottom lip as she tried not to imagine running her hands over muscle and ink. She really, really, really wanted to see that tattoo.


Yes, she had a few, but he didn’t need to know that. ‘Maybe.’

‘Hmmm,’ he said with a smirk, imitating her from earlier. ‘I guess we’ll never know.’

She shrugged, but her pulse was racing and she really wanted to know. But wasn’t Sam just like any other beautiful male creature who had crossed her path in the past? A player? He certainly looked like that type of beast.

He was the kind to be avoided.

If only her body felt the same.

‘I take it you’re quite a creative person, Ellie?’ he asked, then swallowed another mouthful of beer as he waited for her to answer.

‘Definitely. Always have been. Would you say you are?’

He shrugged. ‘No. I’m more of a practical—’ He met her gaze, but beneath those long, dark lashes, something unspoken but clear and loud was burning in his eyes, ‘—hands-on man.’

She licked her lips and sighed as his words moved inside her. ‘Hands-on,’ she whispered. Did everything that came out of his mouth have to sound like a sexy invitation? ‘That sounds like the best way to be.’

By this stage, she didn’t even know what was falling from her mouth, only knew that her body ached for him to be hands-on with her.

When Sam sat back and inhaled noisily as he reached for his beer, she realised he was struggling for composure.

Good, she wasn’t the only one.

And bad. Very bad. Because she didn’t need this, yet on a physical level, she ached for it.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of The Sweetest Secret.

You can purchase your copy here.

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Two broken hearts, one small town, and the secret language of flowers...

Ellie always falls for the wrong man. After her latest disastrous relationship, she needs a new start, a clean slate, and some time to figure out who she is and what she actually wants. So the opportunity to open her own florist shop in the small town of Alpine Ridge couldn't be more timely – or more perfect.

Sam Mathews understands bad relationships – he's only ever had one, and that was enough. Now he keeps to himself, throwing his efforts into the family vineyard and his greenhouse hobby, where it's quiet and calm and he can nurture beauty with his own two hands.

When Ellie arrives in town and discovers Sam's backyard nursery, a shared professional interest soon blossoms into something that feels very personal. But Ellie needs time to rediscover herself, and Sam has never regained his confidence. When they are both tied so strongly to the past, could there be a chance for a future?

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