The Sweetest Secret

I am pleased to announce that THE SWEETEST SECRET has now hit the digital shelves across the globe.

'...the romance made me fall for the couple and what led to them finding there way to one another.' Brandy R. ~ Netgalley

'I loved this story and cannot wait for the last book in the series!' Jeanne Grace M., Netgalley

'Full of humour, miscommunication, romance and small town life, this is the story of starting over and taking chances in order to live our lives.'' Claire H., Netgalley

So, what is this story all about? Here's a brief insight:

The Sweetest Secret

Two broken hearts, one small town, and the secret language of flowers...

Ellie always falls for the wrong man. After her latest disastrous relationship, she needs a new start, a clean slate, and some time to figure out who she is and what she actually wants. So the opportunity to open her own florist shop in the small town of Alpine Ridge couldn’t be more timely – or more perfect.

Sam Mathews understands bad relationships – he’s only ever had one, and that was enough. Now he keeps to himself, throwing his efforts into the family vineyard and his greenhouse hobby, where it’s quiet and calm and he can nurture beauty with his own two hands.

When Ellie arrives in town and discovers Sam’s backyard nursery, a shared professional interest soon blossoms into something that feels very personal. But Ellie needs time to rediscover herself, and Sam has never regained his confidence. When they are both tied so strongly to the past, could there be a chance for a future?

A small taste of The Sweetest Secret

"Ellie’s lips met his again, and he held her tightly as they kissed. A kiss that was unlike any other they had shared. A kiss that was soft and probing, full of breath and warmth. Warmth that carried their true and deep feelings. Feelings of hope and joy, which they shared with each other along with all their intentions. Intentions that whispered about a future, union, and possession. Possession he ached for. When she pulled away, the air had shifted between them. His own body had shifted. As though with that kiss, his entire structure had transformed and recombined until she fit somewhere within that equation right in the location of his heart. So complex yet utterly simple. His body was designed to fall in love. Ellie was made for him to fall in love with."

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I hope you enjoy The Sweetest Secret as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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