Welcome to the world, Sweet from the Vine

2018 has been an incredible year! And I am so pleased to finish my writing year with the release of SWEET FROM THE VINE.

Sweet from the Vine is the third and final book in my Brothers of the Vine trilogy—a heart-warming series, set on a picturesque vineyard in rural Victoria, that follows three tall, dark and handsome brothers as they find lasting love.

Sweet from the Vine is an emotional second-chance romance featuring the eldest brother, Mitch, and his hard-fought road out of grief to eventually find his happily ever after.

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With the release of this third book, that means the trilogy is complete and available in full. If you haven't started the Brothers of the Vine series yet, the first book is Bittersweet. More information and purchase links can be found here:


I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I loved writing it.

If you wish to leave a review on any retailer site, I would appreciate it very much.

Happy Reading!!

Jacquie xx


A second chance at love in the beautiful Ovens Valley – if he just has the courage to take it...

Matilda James never thought she'd ever return to Alpine Ridge, the small town she grew up in and couldn't wait to leave. But when her desire to have children proves too great a strain on her childless marriage, she heads back home for a tree–change, determined to find a partner with the same life goals. Good luck and good timing lands her a dream marketing role on a breathtaking vineyard. The only hitch is her boss – her old high school flame. But Matilda is a professional, and that relationship is old news.

Mitch nearly lost everything when he lost his wife, and he's worked hard ever since to support and protect the most important people in his life – his two brothers and his beautiful, miraculous daughter. When his high school sweetheart, Matilda, starts working on the vineyard, he still feels the attraction, but the pain of his past is too close and too constant to ever consider acting on it.

But soon the sparks between Matilda and Mitch grow so bright they can't be ignored. Matilda is forced to question what she truly wants in life and how far she is willing to push to get what she deserves. And Mitch must learn that moving on is not a betrayal and find the courage to fight for a future he could never have imagined.

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