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about the author jacquie underdown

Jacquie lives in Central Queensland, Australia, where it's always hot and humidity constantly coats the skin, summer or winter.

After her profession as an accountant almost killed her (with mind-numbing boredom), she is on permanent hiatus.


She now spends her time wrapped up in her imagination, creating characters, exploring alternative realities, and falling in love with a host of mouth-watering heroes who occupy her mind at first, then eventually her books.

Jacquie has a business degree, has studied post-graduate writing, editing and publishing at The University of Queensland and earned a Master of Letters from Central Queensland University.


But all that means is that she's super-dedicated to writing the best books she can for readers to enjoy.


So far, she has over a million words published, and the word-count is climbing. Check out her many published novels, novellas and short stories that will hit you right in the heart with deep emotion and make you fall in love.