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The most frequently asked question on this site is: How do I purchase Jacquie's books and where can I buy them? Good news, it's super easy.


Here are some things to know:

  • Jacquie's books can be available as an e-book, paperback, or both

  • Jacquie's books are available from a number of e-tail and retail outlets depending on format and publisher

  • some books are Amazon only titles

  • most books are available worldwide.

Here's how you can get a book in your hands now:

  1. click on this link or choose 'Books' from the menu above

  2. decide if you want to purchase an e-book or paperback

  3. browse the book covers and click on the one that appeals to you

  4. click on the BUY BUTTON relevant to you. You will be directed to Amazon (for Amazon only titles), or my publisher's website (for special-edition paperbacks), or a box will pop up offering various e-tailer links (for e-books available to buy from many e-tailers).

  5. Follow the prompts per the e-tailer/retailer website.

Happy reading!

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