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A Transcendent Novel #2

A unique, heart-warming story about a woman who meets the man of her dreams… then wakes up.

The last thing Leah thought she'd get out of a shocking car accident was the perfect boyfriend. But there was Brennan in the hospital bed next to hers – equal parts charm, cheek, and chocolate. Their relationship, their love, her life, is almost too good to be true.

Then, to Leah's horror, she discovers that it is. Her new life with Brennan is only a fabrication of her injured mind – a coma dream that ends when she wakes up.

Struggling with injuries and grieving for a man who never existed, Leah battles to put her life back together. But a series of coincidences hint that for some people, love can transcend all barriers and achieve the impossible.

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The next book in the Transcendent

Series is Beyond Coincidence.

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