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Only Ever You

Book 3 in the Mercy Island series

Opposites attract when this small-town girl meets a successful, city businessman. But with such different lives, does their romance stand a chance?

Wealthy, handsome and heir to his father’s empire, Carlin Levy has unfairly earned a reputation in the media of being a playboy. When Carlin’s status causes trouble for the family business, his father gives him an ultimatum—he is to find a suitable bride and walk her down the aisle or he is struck from not only the business but also the will. Carlin has no choice but to comply or he loses everything he has worked for.

Natalie Richardson is a born and bred small-town girl. She loves her simple life in Mercy Island, a tiny town tucked away on the Central Queensland Coast. But when she meets Carlin Levy, a confident, successful businessman from Sydney, she questions if her humble existence is enough.

With chemistry that sizzles, Carlin and Natalie free-fall into a romance that moves at a whirlwind pace, but they soon crash into barriers that threaten their future. If only Carlin can look past the life his father has laid out for him and discover what is truly in his heart. And if Natalie can stop hunting for reasons why she isn’t good enough, she may see that what she deserves is right in front of her.

If you haven't started the Mercy Island series and want to read Pieces of Me (Book 1), check it out here.

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