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Some rules are meant to be broken...

Maddy Carmichael was born and raised on the land, destined to one day take over the fourth-generation cattle farm from her father. She’s worked hard all her life to learn the ropes and make a real contribution. But her traditional-minded father continues to overlook her.

Ryder Leckie loves the small Victorian town of Woodford Creek. He works hard managing a farm in the local region. But when his boss’s brother has a riding accident, he is sent to Central Queensland to temporarily help the Carmichaels out. A new adventure, despite his sense of obligation back home.

The last thing Maddy wants is some unknown man coming in and running her farm, and she’s not afraid to let Ryder know. But when farm life throws up trials even too big for her, she is forced to rely on Ryder’s strength and knowledge.

What starts as a working partnership turns into something much deeper. But fraternising with the stockman’s daughter is against the rules. When Maddy’s furious father discovers what clandestine activities Ryder and Maddy have been up to, Ryder is sent packing.

When all seems lost, Ryder must fight for the woman he loves, but that means having the courage to take the biggest risk of his life. When leaving her destiny behind feels impossible, Maddy has to discover that following her heart will lead her to where she needs to be, even if that means starting a legacy of her own.

This is an Amazon only title. Paperbacks for Australian readers available soon!

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