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a Transcendent Novel #4

An extraordinary story about a woman who meets the perfect guy at the wrong time…


Anthea has loved him since her earliest memory. Problem is, she doesn’t know who he is, or if he even exists. Yet, with each passing day without him, her heart breaks a little more.


That is until she stumbles into Lucas, the lead singer of a Perennial. He is as sexy as hell, talented, and passionate. But most importantly, he’s the one who can mend the broken threads of her heart.


Lucas is different—his temperament, his physicality. He also has secrets. Secrets that could push Anthea away. He needs to share them, but it could end their relationship, and Lucas isn't willing to take that risk.


But secrets have a way of coming out. Theirs is a passion that is meant to last forever, but time isn't always quite so linear.

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