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One Hot Christmas

Twelve singles, twelve fun-filled dates, makes for one hot Christmas.

That’s the plan anyway.

When Tennessee organised the Twelve Dates of Christmas event to promote her newly purchased bed and breakfast nestled on the Central Queensland coastline, she didn’t anticipate she would become a participant. But when a couple of singles pull out – she’s forced to fill the vacancy.

After a nasty divorce and a big dose of heartbreak, Tennessee is not willing to start a romance and definitely not fall in love. But when Hayden, the sexy resident tradesman, gets roped into joining her for Twelve Dates of Christmas, he could well be the man who changes everything.

What starts as a bit of Christmas fun soon turns into something more. If they can put aside past hurts and embrace what’s right in front of them, this Christmas fling may find momentum, opening up a beautiful future for them both.

The next book in the series is:

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