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From India to Australia and beyond, comes an extraordinary second-chance romance unlike any other.

Autumn has a unique ability—she can see into other’s minds. During a trip to India, she hopes to find answers to her gift, but, instead, she finds love. It takes one night of passion to fall for Jet, whom fate had sent her halfway around the world to meet. But the timing is wrong, and Autumn is to fly home to Australia, out of his life.

When Autumn bumps into Jet back in Australia after years apart, she questions fate’s intentions for crossing their paths not once, but twice. Autumn knows it is a risk to fall for an old fling, especially as he is now her new boss. And Jet is hiding secrets of his own. Secrets that can fracture not only his chances with Autumn but her career and relationship with her family.

Will the truth about Autumn’s gift and her unbelievable history with Jet be revealed in time before destiny deals a hand that will destroy their second chance at love?


a Transcendent Novel #1

The next book in the Transcendent Series is Beautiful Illusion

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